Jan Johnson's Pole Vault Safety and Technique News Letter #12


Jan Johnson's Pole Vault Safety and Technique News Letter #12

April 11, 2013

Interior plant box wall padding is new to many people. We have used it at my
camps and here in Atascadero, at my private club, for 6 years. Over 200 schools
are now using it nation wide.

More can be seen regarding this and other PV safety projects by clicking here.

Note that in our recent force impact testing the newest version of
Safety Max box collar tested at 950 HIC on top of concrete!


Generally, according to ASTM playground std #1292, a force impact around 1200h
is considered a very remote chance of fatal head injury. An impact of 3000h is considered
100% chance of fatal head injury. In my opinion over the past 25 years as we have carved
more foam out of the area behind and to the sides of the box, in the name of allowing
undisturbed pole bend, we have greatly increased the hard surfaces and thus the numbers
of serious injuries in these areas. This is why a secure, stationary underlayment is important.
Additionally, once this portion of the project is finished we want to also pad as much of the
bottom pad as possible.

Below: A typical landing pad and the potential force impacts would be
by general location with out the collar the ASTM is suggesting.
The force impact data is irrefutable.

Below Sample Plant Box areas with problems:
This old school collar design has been around for many years.
In addition to providing very poor shock attenuation it fails to hold 
its position on a jump by jump basis.

Below: As if the concrete portion between the runway surface and
front of the plant box were not enough, it also has a rather
lip on the front right hand edge.

This facility was waiting for the new surface to get installed.
Don't catch your tip on that lip !!!!!!

USATF Indoor Championships 2013. All hard surfaces should be padded,
especially behind the rear of the plant box. Some say that USATF and the
IAAF will be the last to fix this problem.
Yet it is the elite vaulters who are at greatest risk.

Below: An attempt to pad the area behind the rear of the plant box at a prominent
eastern school. Note how front bun side sections are well
over the top side wall edges,
thus creating the illusion of increased protection.

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