Planting Drills

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Drill Review:
Try to hold the pole steady and not swing it so much! Nice take off!
Brenna Slide Box
Drill Review:
Brenna is running and carrying the pole very efficiently. In slide box it is best to start with short runs and light boxes….ultimately using your longer runs of 6 or 7 lefts and heavier boxes.
Chelsea J Stay down drill
Drill Review:
Shot at Bloom HS Chelsea does a great job with an out step from 6 lefts The object is to jump up into the pole with ridged arms keeping the body right side up. Maintaing a upright or position enables the pole to "roll" more efficently and thus yields a higher potential hand hold.
Dave P. Stay down drill from 5 lefts
Drill Review:
Back in the mid 70's many vaulter's began to figure out that they could grip the pole higher by offering firmer resistance with their bottom arms. This changed vaulting forever! In the stay down drill the vaulter employs a short run or 3-5 lefts, a smaller pole and lower hand grip than usual. The idea is to hit the pole with perfectly extended arms while trying to keep the trail leg back so the hips do not get yanked in front of the chest.