Cuesta College Jumps

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Zach from 5
Drill Review:
Zach, is very fast here he is jumping on a 15'6 170 from 5 lefts jumping 15'. His T.O. is perfect and his swing is much improved. When he gets his top end straighted out he will improve dramatically.
Mike O at 14'6
Drill Review:
Mike is running well and planting well. We expect big things in the near future. Here he is very close at 14'6
Annie B.Blow thru at 12'
Drill Review:
Every time we put a bigger pole in her hands she runs faster! Annie's plant has improved a ton and she is swinging and getting to the top in nice fashion.
Shelby from 5
Drill Review:
Shelby always has a very good plant. Some times he throws his head a little bit. But he is improving in all phases.
Mike A at 15'
Drill Review:
Mike always has an out step. He has learned to left arm the pole better this seasn and stay right side longer. He also runs a hell of a 4x4 leg!