Book fo Jan (Part I)


The Book of Jan

Some say that adult personality can be traced to experiences in early childhood development.


In Jan's case there are readily documented experiences that made the man we see today.

In order to understand how Jan became the person we all know and love today you really must look back to where it all began...

... and it all began on "the farm". The palatial estate that Ma and Pa Johnson bought on Stegar Rd.



Perhaps it was the sheer desolation that spurred Jan's thirst for adventure...

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... Or perhaps the tainted well water affected his mind...


... but they couldn't jhave been good ...

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... My moneys on the lead tainted paint chips...


... or it could have been when 'Ol Skeeter kicked him in the head...

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At an early age Jan demonstrated his ravenous thirst for adventure by deep sea fishing.


Always one to try new an exotic things...

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... as Jan frys up the days catch...


... later Jan shows signs of hard core drug use.

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Jan's amazing ability to read at 18 months was later tempered by his use of locally growen tobacco substitutes.

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... God knowns what scends like these did to him ...


... c

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Jan demonstrated his take charge attitued at an early age.



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... "touch my bear and I'll kick your ass" ...


... necessity is the father of invention...

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Jan taking a bath in the earliest hot tub.


Jan demonstrates hsi early disco prowess.

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"I bet I can scate on one scate fartner then you can on two"

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Allways one to push the limits of physical activity.


The patented "sneek'n a bite move.

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How many of us have witnessed this before.


... Never a lack of wholesome nourishment on the farm.

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Little did Pa know know at the time that when he build the new barn, after he fire, he was setting forces into motion that were beyond anyones control.

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Where vaulting over hay bales with pitch forks all began.


Young men with sticks

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A man for all seasons. The farm presented year round opprotunites to burn calories.


... The young "hipster" prepares for a night on the prowl...

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