JJ Newsletter March 26 2014


Jan Johnson’s Pole Vault Safety and Technique News Letter

March 26, 2014

With outdoor season fast approaching, Mr Jim Johnson gives us a nice lesson on how to arrange your pallets so that they work with your collar and landing pad system. Thanks Jimmy!

Not sure if you can use these, but thought it was worth the effort.  No need for Velcro at my place! ;)  Edit and distribute as you see fit.


Jim Johnson

Seneca, Illinois  Pole Vault

Notes and correspondence:

Hey Jan,

Saw your postings about new pad. We met at convention a couple of years ago when this pad issue first came to light. I am the national youth referee for pole vault and high jump. We just completed the indoor Nationals in DC and the sports complex there had the extended box pad. My biggest concerns were if the younger vaulters would be impeded by the new pad. THEY WERE NOT. As expected the older athletes were not effected at all, with the higher velocity to the box and deeper standard placements. And with the side "cut outs " the younger kids had no problem. Thankfully we didn't have any short vaults or wrecks as I call them in the box , but I can see where the additional padding would certainly ease the hard impact associated with the box. Put me down as a solid backer of the new protective pad.

Marc Cizek

National Youth Referee

Omaha, NE

Congratulations Jan,

You are making a difference. This is impressive. Maybe even life saving.


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JJ, Has to make you feel good about the work that you have done with the PV Box padded insert.  Hearing of all the near misses yet no injuries is certainly testament to your outstanding vision and work.

Brian Springer
VS Athletics-USA

Office in Thailand


This approach to protecting the vaulters with an effective box collar is outstanding.  I have always thought the metal box is hazardous and don't let younger kids vault is spikes because they sometimes "run through" and stepping on the metal base with spikes is dangerous leading to slipping and "out of control" falls.  After you have resolved this box collar padding issue, perhaps this problem might be looked at.

S. Duane Ruland


You're doing God's work!  Keep it up. Pole vaulters need a few less angels with you on the job.