Jan Johnson’s Pole Vault Safety and Techniques News Letter August 7, 2014


Jan Johnson’s Pole Vault Safety and Techniques News Letter

August 7, 2014

Why Cantilever Plant box Collars Can Break Vaulting Poles.

By Jan Johnson

Currently a prominent Manufacture is falsely advertising a pole vault box collar which they claim meets the current ASTM F2949 specification, but does not. Here is one of the reasons why….

The benefits and problems with Cantilever methodology were discussed on several occasions at our fall meetings in 2010 and 11. I explained much of this to the committee at that time.

During our research and testing phase in the late 2000’s we damaged several poles experimenting with cantilever collar padding methodology. This problem was solved by tapering the side wall padding back into the actual plant box side walls. This allows the tip of the pole to efficiently rotate harmlessly upward along the front of the bend cavity.

As a matter of skill development, several important drills are commonly used which require the rotation of a vaulting pole to the landing position show below.

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Vaulting in 2014?

All High School and College facilities will be required to

have a Box Collar to comply with new Safety standards.




The planting box shall not contain any foreign

materials except planting box padding. Such padding,

if used, shall meet the applicable ASTM Specification

Standard, and can be incorporated into the design of

the planting box or can be a padding addition to an

existing planting box. Note: Padding meeting the ASTM

Standard may be used immediately, subject to

rejection or conditional approval by state association


: For the purpose of minimizing risk of injury to a pole

vaulter, allow planting box padding that meets the

applicable ASTM Specification Standard.