Jan Johnson
B.S. Education M.S. Biomechanics
Former world record holder
Olympic Bronze medallist
National Safety Chairman

SJVSC pole vaulting voice: 1800 652-5201
fax: 1805 466-8119
web: www.skyjumpers.com

Sky Systems video titles and descriptions:
Sky Systems 1 1990 (2 hrs) $40 Title: "Essential Fundamental Technique Systems for coaches, vaulters, and parents" Main topics: A generalized system of how fiberglass pole vault. Contains many specific drills with specific explanations to help enhance technique, and understanding. A good program for the intermediate vaulter looking for ways to improve technique.

Sky Systems 2 1991 (2 hrs) $40 Title: "….and now for something completely different" Main topics: The basic training and imitative exercises and drills of elite vaulters set to music, also contains two huge bloopers sections and many world class vaults. A very entertaining program about how to improve your vaulting from a training perspective.

Sky Systems 3 1995 (2 hrs) $40 Title: "Verbatim" Main topics: History, safety, pole collections, basic skills for safety, bloopers, and many world class jumps set to our favorite tunes.

Two New Sky Systems Titles:
Sky Systems 4 (2 hours) $40 2001 Title: "Basic teaching progressions and safety for the pole vault" Jan teaches and demonstrates his entire beginning pole vaulting progression system including pole progressions, with complete explanations. The system requires no additional equipment beyond some poles and a landing pit. The perfect tape for learning how to poles vault assuming you know absolutely nothing. If you are new to pole vaulting we strongly suggest this tape.

Sky Systems 5 (2 hours) $40 2001 Title: "Americana" This video has it all, Its two hours of world class jumping, bloopers, historical moments, classic jumps, camp shenanigans, sjvsc imitative contraptions and devises, and many other related items. "It's the video I always knew I could make about the pole vaulting lifestyle" - jan. Fun, and very entertaining.

Prices: Individual titles- $40 each, $100 for any three, $120 for all five.
Send check or money order to:
Sky Jumpers Vertical Sports club 6505
Santa Cruz Road Atascadero, Ca 93422

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