(USA and International patents pending)


100% padded Plant Box ~ Now Available for the first time


Reduces potential force impacts onto the entire plant box area by 95% in comparison to all current standard plant boxes. Padding far exceeds current box collar protection. Also greatly reduces frictional damage to the bottom of vaulting poles.




10 yrs in development and testing. Over 4 million jumps and counting


All Materials and designs in compliance with current ASTM Specifications: C578, G90,

F2157, A36, F1292. Complies with current NCAA, NFHS and IAAF rules for plant box area

dimensions. Reduces force impacts beyond current ASTM F2949 specification for box collars.

Water and freeze resistant, 10 year limited warrantee.


Currently in use at: Over 30 programs across the USA including: Westmont College, Cal Poly SLO, Sky Jumpers Vertical Sports Club Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo HS, Atascadero HS, Paso Robles HS, Green Bay PV Club, Henderson Co HS, Arroyo Grande HS, Sky Jumpers Connecticut PV club, Stevens Point PV club


For Information regarding product features, pricing and installation contact: Jan Johnson VS Athletics / Sky Jumpers Vertical Sports Club… Cell 1805 423-2363 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.