Nicole swing up drill
Drill Review: Bent Pole Swing Up, from 3 lefts, holding standing grip plus approximately three feet. The purpose of the swing up drill is to learn the key skills associated with efficient pole vaulting. 1. Take-off step directly under, or slightly out side of top hand at the moment of lift off. 2. Both arms extended prior to the pole striking the planting box. 3. Drive chest forward and up at the take off , so that the legs stay down and back as the pole begins to rise. 4. Sweep legs up so that feet get to hands and then hips get to hands. 5. Land on back in the pit without turning over. Please note: Nicole is a beginner and has many things to improve up to meet the above set of objectives.
Erica jump over drill with standing grip
Drill Review: The first step in teaching pole vaulting skill is called the jump over drill. 1. The vaulter should grip the pole only as high as he/she can stand and reach. 2. At first the vaulter should carry the pole in the over head position, and simply concentrate on jumping off the left foot to the right side of the pole, and sweeping the pole tip to the rear using the high hands position. 3. After a few attempts, if their technique is good, they should carry the pole in the normal side carry position. 4. The drill is called a jump over because the pole tip should not strike the ground; thus giving the vaulter the feeling of jumping over the pole tip.
Jump over drill
Drill Review: Holding only has high as she can stand and reach up the pole and jumping from only 2 or 3 steps. Try to extend arms upward and jump off left foot gong to right side of pole. Drill should finish with pole tucked inside of left arm pit. Purpose of drill is to learn to go to correct side of pole, jumping from the correct foot. The jump over drill also encourages the jumping motion at take off.
Erica - Jump Over Front View
Drill Review: Most beginners will have a hard time holding the tip of the pole still when they run. This is a very important skill that helps them assume a "lined up" take off. In the drill shown here, Erica in her first session of vaulting uses the over head carry. but she wiggles the pole too much as she runs. In addition, her take-off hand is more over her right shoulder, rather than straight over her head. When the top hand is straight over the vaulter's head and the take off foot is directly under the body it is called a "lined up" take-off. In many cases it takes many practice sessions to achieve this all important take off position. Erica does a nice job of jumping up with her hands real high. She also sweeps the pole under her body in a very timely fashion..Not bad for her first session of jumping.
Brenna from 3 lefts with overhead carry.
Drill Review: I like to teach beginners to first carry the pole in the over-head position, and run from 3 lefts. Brenna is gripping the pole exactly 2' above her standing grip and running from 25'. She is what we call a "left footed starter". Meaning; she prefers to put her right foot on her starting spot, and take her first step with her left foot. She is making a total of 3 left foot contacts in her approach. This is the perfect beginning run to learn pole vault skills from. She does a nice job of pushing the pole high with her hands prior to the pole tip striking the back of the plating box. She has a nice straight trail (left) leg, which puts her into a fairly dynamic swing. On the other hand she drops her head back at take off (as most beginners have a tendency to do) in an effort to invert too soon. I like to tell my beginners to see the planting box longer and keep their chin on their chest at take-off. However most beginner and many advanced vaulter's try to invert too soon after take off.
CNN swing up from 3 lefts
Drill Review: CNN had been vaulting for about a month at the time of this clip. She is gripping the pole at approximately standing grip plus three feet from an approach of 3 lefts. Her pole carry is perfect.pole tip approximately head high with 90 degree bend in each elbow. She starts her hand shift on her second left. so that her hands are up early and lined up prior to her take off. She does a nice job of staying right side up in the split-second after take off and then dynamically sweeping her legs and landing deep in the center of the pit. I also like the way she has tucked her left hand elbow inside of the pole just as she is about to land. Nice!!!!